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  • Sammy Galinsky

    Photo Project NudeGem
    by Sammy Galinsky

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ODESSA The Grand Premiere

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If Vimeo player doesn’t work in your region - watch NudeGem films here

ODESSA The Grand Premiereby nudegem

Mother Earth`s Monologueby nudegem

Fortune Tellingby nudegem

Ukrainian Old Legend | Beginning of the Worldby nudegem

M E T A P H O R S | A Riddle In Nine Syllablesby nudegem

Land of Gold and Precious Sparklesby nudegem

Dire La Fortune Sur La Camomille | III. Episodeby nudegem

Petit Dejeuner au Vieux Chateau | II. Episodeby nudegem

Belle Journee Ensoleillee | I. Episodeby nudegem

Forest Hippies on Fireby nudegem

The Jungle Band Storyby nudegem

La Maison Bleueby nudegem

My Big Ukrainian Stag Partyby nudegem

Once in the land of musesby nudegem

Sirensby nudegem

Behind the secret doorsby nudegem

The Nymps' caveby nudegem

Sacred Ritualsby nudegem


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♡ Your words inspire us! ♡

I love your page so much just watching the genuine happiness of queens. Every photo radiates freedom and comfortability like gods with their guards down far from the toxic mind of mortal men. It's like the difference between watching animals in the zoo and seeing an animal in it's natural environment. Thank you for showing me this exists. I hope one day all woman can be this free. Thank you!


You do amazing work. Yes the woman are beautiful but to me the art of the woman body and the manner in which you capture it it’s simply amazing. I’m not a fan of porn, or playboy. But what you do is truly beautiful. It’s not just woman naked, it’s woman’s body showcased as art!


What a wonderful surprise today. Nudegem arrived on my doorstep. This is the most beautiful art and poetry I have ever turned pages on. Your photography and sensual words burn right into my soul. “ A woman comes into this world pure, unspoiled, and beautiful. In the natural course of life, her body will always stay graceful and picturesque, with nothing to hide” I turn each page with wonder, slowly reading your words while experiencing pure feminine beauty. I do so love women and this fine gem reminds me of why I live. Thank you Sammy.


NudeGem book is destined to be a landmark for generations to come! This book is the reflection of exceptional mind, and in immense generosity, allowing us to enter a magical world which resonates in each of us. Knowledge becomes irrelevant, but what primes is that invisible link which unites us over time and distance, over cultures and social armors, transcending our daily realities. “To be one with real art, where there is only you, your body and your soul. Not to be one of the millions, hiding themselves behind dresses or make up. To be a Masterpiece of the Great Architect.” You are a Great Mastermind in this édifice of Life.


Sammy, I have more to thank you all in your beautiful, natural, feminine photography that is absolutely amazing and inspiring! One point is such variety in venues, indoor and outdoor, globally! Also the teamwork showing in your wonderful photography, rarely being one individual of unique beauty, but groups of gorgeous daughters of Mother Nature, working together to show unique unison in their inspiring innermost facets of personality as a multi gemstone ring of many colors or a treasure of a tree grove reliant on each other’s roots and canopy to form a magnificent forest in to stunningly take in by all senses! Also your wonderful staging of daughters with their Mother in intertwine of beauty! Also the shining brightly of inner happiness and beautiful personality in various facial and bodily expressions so animated to see their inner personal fluorescence so well! All of these facets are rarely noticeable in other photographers Artistry. Thank you!


I stopped following all the sex sales and image type accounts. The female form deserves an artful eye, not a perverted one! Follow NudeGem project for elegant nature! This art project makes me rethink myself!


Posing nude can be a vulnerable experience but at the same time it can be empowering. I felt strong. I felt beautiful. I’d never really done a nude shoot before, and I didn’t realize I could feel so much love for myself in doing one. It was such a natural September Photographed by Sammy Galinsky and project NudeGem. You are amazing! Thank you!


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